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Seated Trunk Rotation [P6EX11-12]

30inThirty™ | Program 6 Exercise Library • 1m 24s

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  • V-Crunch [P6EX13]

    Lay with your head towards the bottom of the Isophit emblem and align your hips directly underneath the restraint bar. Pull your knees into the bar while keeping your lower legs parallel to the floor. Abduct your hips 30˚ to make a “V”, and bring your heels together while keeping your knees wide....

  • Peanut Butter Crunch [P6EX14]

    Lay with your butt at the top of the Isophit emblem, separate your legs, and bring them to the outer surface of the sidebars. Then raise your legs about 80˚ (depending on limb length). While keeping your knees locked out squeeze your legs into the sidebars. Your legs should be making contact just...

  • Inverted Downward Dog [P6EX15]

    Lay on your back, raise your legs 90˚until contact is made with the restraint bar. While driving your legs into the bar, fully flex your shoulders in a neutral hand position (palms turned in) until they reach the ground above your head. Press your hands into the floor and attempt to raise your ch...