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  • 30inThirty™ Live: Oct 25, 2021

    30inThirty™ Live with Brad Thorpe!

    This Episode of 30inThirty™ Live follows 30inThirty™ program #4

    1. Hip Flexion - L (30°)
    2. Hip Flexion - R (30°)
    3. Single Leg Squat Curl - L (30°)
    4. Single Leg Squat Curl - R (30°)
    5. Deadlift (30°)
    6. Hip Abduction - L (30°)
    7. Hip Abduction - R (30°)
    8. S...

  • Isophit™ Q&A #8

    Isophit™ Q&A #8 - "Can I get a J Lo butt training with Isophit?"

  • Zero Velocity Podcast #12 - Isometrics for Running

    On this week's episode of Zero Velocity, we discuss how isometrics can help improve your running performance! Similar to how we tighten up our laces, the same concept applies to our tendons!

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  • Isophit™ Q&A #7

    Isophit™ Q&A #7 - "Can training with Isophit improve my sleep?"

  • Zero Velocity Podcast #7 - Isometrics for Injury Prevention

    Do you have injuries sustained from dynamic exercises that still plague you today? Creator of Isophit™, Brad Thorpe, discusses how isometric training can aid you in injury prevention. Why fix a problem when you can avoid it all together?!

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  • Isophit™ Strength Training Program 1

  • Zero Velocity #1 - Isometrics for Sport, Exercise, and Life

    CEO of Isophit, Brad Thorpe, sits down to discuss the benefits of Isometric exercise for sport, exercise, and life.