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Up Next in 30inThirty™ | Program 9 Exercise Library

  • Prone Shoulder Extension (Neutral) [P...

    Lay flat on your stomach with your head at the bottom of the Isophit emblem with your hands at your side with palms facing inwards. Now slightly raise your chest and then raise your arms until you reach the restraint bar. Remember to breathe and keep your elbows fully locked out.

  • Push Pull [P9EX18-19]

    Come into a high plank over the platform, with your hands shoulder-width apart near the bottom of the Isophit emblem. Tighten your core and lower body, then grab the restraint bar with your left hand and row the bar. Drive your right hand into the floor.

  • High Chest Fly [P9EX20]

    Lay on your back on the Isophit logo, and butt off the platform. Reach your arms overhead and grasp the restraint bar with a close grip hand position. Adduct your arms (squeeze inwards) while keeping a slight bend in your elbows.