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Side Plank [P8EX8-9]

30inThirty™ | Program 8 Exercise Library • 1m 34s

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  • Quadpod [P8EX10]

    Come up into a high plank (on your hands), with your hips directly underneath the restraint bar. Separate your legs so that you have a wide base of support and drive your sacrum into the bar. Push the floor away with your hands.

  • Leanback Shoulder Flexion [P8EX11]

    Sit with your butt off the bottom of the Isophit in a bent knee position. From here flex your shoulders fully so that they are at the side of your head in a neutral hand position (palms facing in). Tighten your core and slowly begin to lean back until your arms make contact with the restraint ba...

  • Horizontal Bicep Curl at 90º [P8EX12]

    Lay your head underneath the restraint bar and feet off the platform towards the top of the Isophit emblem. Plant your feet on the floor, reach up to grasp the bar with an overhand grip, and curl yourself up to the bar. You want your forearms to be parallel with the floor and elbows at 90˚. The r...