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Up Next in 30inThirty™ | Program 7 Exercise Library

  • Bow and Arrow Lunge [P7EX5-6]

    Assume the split lunge position with your left leg forward, grasp the bar with both arms in a 90˚ bend. Row the bar with your left hand and push the bar away with your right. Keep an upright chest position.

  • Leg Raise [P7EX7]

    Lay on your back with your bum on the platform. Tighten your core, raise your legs into the restraint bar. The bar placement should be located around the mid-shin. If it’s too hard have the participant gently rest the legs on the top of the restraint bar and raise off the bar 1 cm (¼ inch). Remin...

  • Frog Crunch [P7EX8]

    Lay on your back on the Isophit logo, pull your knees into your chest and separate your legs wide. Hook the dorsal surface of your feet onto the further side of the restraint bar. Straighten your arms and crunch up to drive your knuckles into the bar. Let your knees fall wide and dorsiflex your a...