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Pike with Rotation [P7EX2-3]

30inThirty™ | Program 7 Exercise Library • 1m 19s

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  • V-Sit Pike [P7EX4]

    Lay with your hips directly below the restraint bar and pull your legs into the bar while keeping your legs as straight as possible. Then separate your legs 30˚ wide into a “V”. Bring your arms in front of you keeping your elbows straight and crunch up and drive your knuckles into the restraint b...

  • Bow and Arrow Lunge [P7EX5-6]

    Assume the split lunge position with your left leg forward, grasp the bar with both arms in a 90˚ bend. Row the bar with your left hand and push the bar away with your right. Keep an upright chest position.

  • Leg Raise [P7EX7]

    Lay on your back with your bum on the platform. Tighten your core, raise your legs into the restraint bar. The bar placement should be located around the mid-shin. If it’s too hard have the participant gently rest the legs on the top of the restraint bar and raise off the bar 1 cm (¼ inch). Remin...