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Up Next in 30inThirty™ | Program 7 Exercise Library

  • Hip Abductions [P7EX17-18]

    Stand on the platform perpendicular to the restraint bar. Keep your outside foot on the Isophit wordmark. Remember to generate muscle tension throughout your body before you abduct the inside leg into the restraint bar. Focus on maintaining an upright position with your hands in prayer position ...

  • Zercher Squat [P7EX19]

    Place your feet on the platform shoulder-width apart underneath the restraint bar. Squat down and hook your elbows underneath the restraint bar. Remember to keep your chest high and butt low. Drive-up towards the ceiling.

  • Squat with Front Raise [P7EX20]

    Stand at the top of the platform facing the restraint bar. Squat down until your knees are at a 90˚ bend, then raise your arms straight underneath the restraint bar and drive up. Depending on your height your arm may not be fully parallel with the floor.