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Up Next in 30inThirty™ | Program 7 Exercise Library

  • Side Plank [P7EX9-10]

    Side-lying with your elbow on the platform. Stack your legs on top of one another and drive your right hip up into the restraint bar. Remember to breathe throughout the exercise

  • Split Lunge [P7EX11-12]

    Bring your left/right leg over the restraint bar. Place your heel on the center of the Isophit logo, then lower into a 90˚ knee bend. Grab the bar with both hands and drive your front leg into the platform with a slight forward lean to load your left/right leg.

  • Cowboy Squat [P7EX13]

    Stand facing the restraint bar, squat down to grasp the bar like a deadlift. You want your feet to be wider than shoulder-width, and your is hands in a close grip position. Externally rotate your hips so that your knees and feet are turned out. From here generate force in your lower body and core...