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Seated Horizontal Adduction (P6EX2)

30inThirty™ | Program 6 Exercise Library • 58s

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  • Push Up [P6EX3]

    Lay on your stomach with your chest underneath the restraint bar. Tighten your core, push your body off the ground into the bar. The restraint bar placement should be located around the middle of the shoulder blade. Your hands should remain on the platform. Remember to breathe throughout the exer...

  • One Arm Plank With Shoulder Extension...

    In a high plank with your head at the bottom end of the Isophit emblem, create a wide base of support, and slowly extend your left arm until meeting the restraint bar. Try your best not to rotate your pelvis.

  • Stiff Legged Row at 45˚ [P6EX6]

    Lay with your head towards the bottom of the Isophit emblem with your legs out straight off of the platform. Align your chest below the restraint bar, tighten and squeeze your legs together, then pull yourself up to the bar, or as close as YOU can get.