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Up Next in 30inThirty™ | Program 6 Exercise Library

  • Peanut Butter Crunch [P6EX14]

    Lay with your butt at the top of the Isophit emblem, separate your legs, and bring them to the outer surface of the sidebars. Then raise your legs about 80˚ (depending on limb length). While keeping your knees locked out squeeze your legs into the sidebars. Your legs should be making contact just...

  • Inverted Downward Dog [P6EX15]

    Lay on your back, raise your legs 90˚until contact is made with the restraint bar. While driving your legs into the bar, fully flex your shoulders in a neutral hand position (palms turned in) until they reach the ground above your head. Press your hands into the floor and attempt to raise your ch...

  • Hollowbody [P6EX16]

    Lay on your back, tighten your lower body and core, and raise your legs to 70˚. While keeping your legs straight, and your arms fully flexed above your head, slowly crunch up until your mid-forearm makes contact with the restraint bar, then raise your head. Use your arms and core to drive through...