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Deadlift at 60º [P6E23]

30inThirty™ | Program 6 Exercise Library • 40s

Up Next in 30inThirty™ | Program 6 Exercise Library

  • Prone Hip Extension [P6EX24-25]

    Bend your left knee to 90˚, and raise your heel to meet the bar. Once contacted, dorsiflex your ankle (pull toes down towards shin) and drive up through the bar. Straighten and tighten your opposite leg to stabilize your body. Rest your arms underneath your head for support.

  • Side Lying Hip Abduction [P6EX26-27]

    Lay on your right side with your legs stacked together and bring your right elbow to rest below your head for comfort. From here tighten your lower leg and begin to raise the left leg until you're driving through the restraint bar.

  • Leg Press [P6EX28]

    Place the heels against the restraint bar and attempt to drive your legs through the restraint bar. Remember to keep the pelvis on the ground. To help stabilize the position press your palms of your hands into the platform. This will also help strengthen your triceps.