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Inverted Downward Dog [P6EX15]

30inThirty™ | Program 6 Exercise Library • 57s

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  • Hollowbody [P6EX16]

    Lay on your back, tighten your lower body and core, and raise your legs to 70˚. While keeping your legs straight, and your arms fully flexed above your head, slowly crunch up until your mid-forearm makes contact with the restraint bar, then raise your head. Use your arms and core to drive through...

  • Flexduction [P6EX17-18]

    Laying on your back, make a T with your arms to stabilize your upper body (palms facing down). Squeeze your legs together and raise them 20˚, then pull them left into the sidebar. Focus on keeping your legs straight and your low back down.

  • V-Sit Pike [P6EX19]

    Lay with your hips directly below the restraint bar and pull your legs into the bar while keeping your legs as straight as possible. Then separate your legs 30˚ wide into a “V”. Bring your arms in front of you keeping your elbows straight and crunch up and drive your knuckles into the restraint b...