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Up Next in 30inThirty™ | Program 10 Exercise Library

  • Starfish at 60° [P10EX21-22]

    Lay on your right hip with both legs stacked together. Come up into a side plank on your hand. *If you have shoulder issues go on your forearm.* Then tighten your lower leg and raise the left leg into the restraint bar. Reach for the ceiling with your right arm.

  • Flexduction [P10EX23-24]

    Laying on your back, make a T with your arms to stabilize your upper body (palms facing down). Squeeze your legs together and raise them 20˚, then pull them left into the sidebar. Focus on keeping your legs straight and your low back down.

  • Side Plank [P10EX25-26]

    Side-lying with your elbow on the platform. Stack your legs on top of one another and drive your right hip up into the restraint bar. Remember to breathe throughout the exercise